Targetedly organized presentations and tastings provide an effective marketing tool that drives sales and growth in leads.

The long-term experience of UAB Promo Time allows us to talk about effective operating results.

Our team consists of friendly, young and energetic people who can present a wide variety of goods and services, answer customer questions in detail and overcome contradictions. Every contact person is informed about the benefits of the goods and your company, which allows improving your company's awareness and popularity.

Presentation is one of the most effective marketing tools

A successful business requires a clear marketing strategy and maximum sales capacity. Unfortunately, practice shows that most consultants have little concern with the effectiveness of product presentation. In other words, paying greater attention to this area can bring much more productive results and contact with a larger group of potential customers. Our team consists of highly qualified consultants who understand what a successful product presentation is. The employees of UAB Promo Time can properly assess the customer and communicate only with potential customers who are really interested in the offered product or service.
After finding out the client's basic and specific needs, expectations and wishes, consultants respond to them accordingly, dispel the client's doubts and help them to make the most rational decision in a given situation. Since the consultants understand the requirements of a product demonstration, they emphasize the essential benefits, functions of the advertised product and its benefits to the buyer. In a presentation conducted in the proper way, the buyer's choice is narrowed down to a few options, while successfully overcoming the contradictions in the purchase and focusing on the benefits of the product being sold. To achieve the best results, presentations and tastings can be combined with flyer distribution, while focusing on the dissemination of relevant information.

The essential operating principle

Product presentation and demonstration are interrelated processes without which sales cannot be successful. Although presentation plays one of the key roles, it is only a boring speech without a demonstration as the attention of potential customers is minimal and sales are low.

To achieve a successful result, special attention is paid to the preparation of the presentation. At this stage, focus is on the brand image, with more emphasis on consultants' outfits and working environment. The product being presented is accompanied by good emotions and enthusiasm. When communicating with potential clients, the consultants present in detail the benefits of the advertised product and answer buyers’ questions. To ensure the quality of the activities, the work process is monitored by coordinators. When the work is completed, the customer is provided with detailed information on the progress of the presentation, most frequent client questions, their feedback and doubts. The analysis is accompanied by video materials.

An important fact is that more than 80% of all sales are fulfilled with less than 20% of sales capacity. Another important fact is that those sales consultants who accomplish the highest sales volume spend less than 20% of their time selling a product during a product presentation.
A highly qualified Professional Consultant is the one who knows the secret of a successful product presentation. He or she should be able to carefully assess the buyer, find out the buyer’s basic and specific needs and preferences, and respond accordingly.

The sales consultant understands how and which product to demonstrate. He or she knows which features of the product should be highlighted, what its functions are, and explains the benefits for the buyer. During the presentation, the consultant narrows down the buyer’s options to one, two, or maybe three.
Such narrowing down the buyer’s to two or three options is beneficial because it saves a lot of time, significantly reduces the buyer’s confusion, and allows the consultant to spend more time to overcome buyer objections and sell the product.

The operating mechanism of product presentation

Product presentation without demonstration is nothing more but an ‘empty speech’.

1. Before starting product demonstration, create an impression and give it enthusiasm.
2. Demonstrate the product with pride and enthusiasm.
3. Make your demonstration attractive and engaging.
4. Present the benefits of the product in a beautiful way.