Tasting events and presentations


Presentations and Tasting Events


Purposefully organized presentations and tasting events make an efficient marketing tool used for promotion of sales and increasing the number of prospect customers. Long years of professional experience of UAB “Promo Time” give us the platform for speaking about efficient performance. Our team consists of friendly, young, and active people qualified to present various products and services, give detailed responses to questions asked by customers, and to deal with conflicts. Every person having made contact is provided with information about the advantages of the products and your company simultaneously expanding recognition and popularity of the company.

Services covering presentations and tasting events are recommended, if you:

  • present a completely new product and its characteristics to consumers;
  • introduce a new product to the market;
  • present a product that the buyers are less familiar with or promote sales of a well known product;
  • promote, advertise, or sell products which have already been introduced to the market or raise awareness of the products;
  • sell unpopular products;
  • organize thematic campaigns and meet-and-greets.


It is one of the most efficient marketing tools

Successful business requires a clear marketing strategy and maximum sales capacity. Unfortunately, practical activities indicate that most of consultants’ interest in efficiency of a product presentation is very little. In other words, much more efficient results could be achieved and a much bigger group of prospect customers could be engaged by focusing on this area more.

Our team consists of highly qualified consultants, who do know what makes a successful presentation of a product. The employees of UAB “Promo Time” know how to appreciate buyers and communicate only to prospect customers who are interested in the offered product or service. Consultants identify basic and specific needs, expectations, and preferences of the customer, respond to them respectively, dispel any doubts the customer may have, and help making the most rational decision in a specific situation.

The consultants do understand the requirements applicable to the product demonstration which makes them qualified to emphasize the major advantages, and functions of the product being advertised as well as the benefits offered to the customer. A properly organized presentation enables narrowing the range of choice for the customer up to several options in this way overcoming any obstacles for purchasing and focusing on the benefits of the product being sold. Presentations and tasting events may be combined with handing out flyers focussing on distribution of relevant information in order to achieve maximum results.


The fundamental principle of operation

Presentation and demonstration of a product are closely correlated processes which make an integral part of successful sale implementation. Although presentation plays one of the main roles, it is merely a boring speech without a demonstration: minimum attention given by prospect customers results in low sale rates.

Special attention is given to presentation preparation work aiming for successful results. This stage focuses on the brand image, more attention is paid to the outfit and work environment of the consultants. The product being presented is accompanied by positive emotions and enthusiasm. The consultants take the opportunity to give a detailed presentation of the benefits of the product being advertised and answer questions asked by buyers while communicating to prospect customers. The work process is supervised by coordinators in order to ensure quality of the activities being implemented. Upon completion of the work the client is provided with detailed information about the course of the presentation, questions most frequently asked by customers, their feedback and doubts. The analysis is accompanied by video material as well.


Locations for organization of presentations and tasting events

We organize tasting events and presentations throughout Lithuania. We work on town squares, in major shopping centres and smaller shops, crowded areas. Organization of presentations of products and tasting events is purposeful not only within trading areas but in other crowded areas as well, for instance in cafes, night clubs, schools, leisure and recreational areas, etc.