About us



The business area of UAB “Promo time” covers non-standard advertising, organization of presentations and tasting events, flyer distribution, development of promotional campaign strategies, organization and implementation of sales promotion campaigns, outdoor advertising, events, design solutions, press work of various scales. The Company also organizes thematic campaigns as well as meet-and-greet events.

Every single client is a top priority for us, thus we offer a variety of solutions not only to big and well-established companies but for small companies as well. We focus on identification of the client’s needs and target-oriented meeting of expectations. We offer a wide range of advertising services, we organize presentations and flyer distribution events in this way establishing opportunities for direct interaction with prospect customers, expanding recognition of the company, and promoting growth in sales rates.

We appreciate quality, thus we pay special attention to training and qualification of our employees. Staff in charge for presentations, tasting events, or distribution of flyers receive detailed instructions involving the product being presented, thus they are qualified to answer various questions asked by customers and offer their assistance in making decisions. We cooperate with active, young, and friendly people who appreciate communication and help establishing a cosy environment. We aim at the top quality of the work being implemented and achieving the most efficient results, thus we communicate only to prospect customers who would find the product, item, or service being presented interesting and relevant.

Presentations, tasting events, distributions of flyers, and other advertising services are organized in five biggest cities in Lithuania, i.e. Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, and Panevėžys, however we also welcome the idea of working in smaller towns, districts, or settlements in Lithuania. Presentations, tasting events, distributions of flyers, promotional campaigns, and events may be implemented at shopping centres, town shops, crowded areas, schools, squares, etc. Professionalism in work is ensured by skilled coordinators who assess how consultants communicate to customers. Our clients are also provided with detailed analysis identifying the main characteristics of the target audience, questions most frequently asked by customers as well as any observations made. We support the provided material with photographs and videos.


The specialties of UAB “Promo time” include consulting customers, planning, organization, and implementation of promotional activities. Modern advertising solutions in one place!

  • Organization of presentations and tasting events.
  • Preparation and distribution of flyers.
  • Information events.
  • Designing and press work.
  • Direct sales.
  • Consultation on advertising issues.
  • Communication with the target audience.
  • Skilled, active, and friendly employees.
  • We work throughout Lithuania: in trading places and crowded areas.


We will make your dreams come true and inspire new dreams!